One of the greatest obstacles when on a health and wellness journey is nutrition! Most of us know all too well that it so often is the hardest part of reaching our goals.

The bottom line is if you are moving and exercising and not having your desired results, it’s time to take a hard look at your eating habits.

Today we thought we would show exactly how eating unhealthy can really tank your progress.

- Most people eat well during the week. Let’s be honest our weeks consist of Monday-Thursday=4 days
- Weekends are the hardest.
Friday-Sunday =3 days

Let’s use September as an example
Monday-Thursday = 17 days of September
Friday-Sunday = 13 days of

........ so how well are you really eating?!
........ how much effort are you really putting toward your goals?!

We get it! Life moves fast, staying accountable is hard! We can help!! Message us today for your free nutrition consult.