Workout of the day

We love this time of year! Gyms everywhere are buzzing with positive energy and motivation. Above all health and wellness become a priority for so many people and there is never a bad time for that! Whether you are continuing on your health and wellness journey or just beginning its a great time to build a foundation of good habits that you will be able to apply to your life forever.

Here are some tips from our trainers here at A8.

-SET YOURELF UP FOR SUCCESS!! Very often people jump into strict diets or workout programs that only require commitment over a short amount of time and an extreme amount of sacrifice. While we are all for being all in, ask yourself is this something I can continue forever? We encourage our clients to find a routine and nutrition plan that they can fit into their lifestyle over a long period of time. I mean seriously are you really going to never have carbs for the rest of your life?!

-VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! No matter what your fitness goals are it will take a variety of different approaches to get you where you want to be. This means being open to many different training styles. So not just living on a treadmill for the rest of your life or living and dying by the barbell. At Activ8 we see value in all forms of exercise! Our clients do a combination of resistance training, cardio, H.I.T.T, functional training and split training. This not only helps our clients reach their goals but you can guarantee you will never get bored!

-PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION! Health and wellness were never meant to be perfect process. So cut yourself some slack! You will have bad days and that's OK, just keep at it. It's all about making more good decisions then bad.

We believe that every person has what it takes to meet their goals. They just need the right information and the right support! We wish all of you brave enough to make goals this New year the best of luck! Congrats on the hardest step, getting started!