Want more than a gym membership?

Check out the services we offer to make Activ8 Fitness your one-stop shop to health and wellness!

Omega Massage

If you find yourself changing your physical and exercise routine due to limiations caused by pain, Omega Massage can help! Austin Schlueter is licensed in massage and bodywork and has developed a skill set that can correct most nerve and muscular related pain. 

Evensen Personal Menus

Do you struggle planning out your next meal, especially when trying to meet certain nutritional goals? Kaila Benjamin with Evensen Personal Menus brings you a plethora of meal choices and snacks, so you can focus more on killing that workout and hitting your nutrition without a hitch. 

Postural Solutions

Dr. Sami Herbster, a licenced physical therapist with a passion for health and healing, is trying to redefine the approach to physical therapy. Are you ready to bridge the gap between healthcare and positive, permanent change? 

Midwest Movement

Dr. Nolan Clausen and Dr. Whitney Haase, both doctorates of chiropractics, have a passion for movement and are looking to switch up the usual strategies to assess and treat all types of dysfunctional movement.